1. Pearl Island Lighthouse
  2. Island Dock
  3. Island House Bar & Grill
  4. Solar House
  5. Conch Salad Bar
  6. Blue Bar
  7. Beaches & swim areas
  8. Snorkel Area & Coral Reef
  9. Water Sports Rental
  10. Restrooms
  11. Photo Center
  12. First Aid Station
  • Lighthouse on Pearl Island
  • Sandy beach and clear water on Pearl Island
  • Barkeeper on the beach bar of Pearl Island
  • House on the beach of Pearl Island
  • People on the beach of Pearl Island
  • Snorkeling child in the ocean near Pearl Island

Unique island experiences you will always remember! Discover Pearl Island and enjoy an unforgettable day at a private, uninhabited island.

What Our Guests say

  • We took a beautiful ferry ride to the island and were greeted by welcoming, friendly staff. Our kids loved playing on the beautiful beaches. The island is stunning! We enjoyed our lunch and can't say enough nice things about the staff!! You can tell they really take pride in their island and it's gorgeous. We would highly recommend this stunning Island to book as your excursion.

    – March, 2017

  • When I went to this beautiful tropical island I immediately noticed the hospitable atmosphere that the staff provided to me and my two sons. They were very friendly offering us drinks and food wherever we were. The food was delicious and my children, normally being very picky eaters, absolutely adored the food. The snorkeling was amazing, I’ve never seen so many fish in my life. If you are going to Nassau, Bahamas, you absolutely MUST come to Pearl Island.

    – March, 2017

  • We went recently as an excursion with our cruise and I have to say we were blown away with absolutely everything on the island! We went snorkeling with their amazing and educated staff and then got to relax on a private beach. The staff there was so courteous and friendly and we would love to go back again!

    – August, 2016

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